Performing Arts

Performing arts in Okanogan Country covers a wide spectrum, from classical orchestra to colorful Native American dancing and drumming.

Come and enjoy a weekend of enrichment in the arts by taking in a concert of classical orchestra and choral groups, a theatre play, or enjoy a more casual setting with live music and poetry readings at open mike night in a local restaurant. For pure immersion in North Central Washington cultural arts, enjoy the fantastic colors and rhythms of Native American dancing and drumming, a highlight of the Omak Stampede and World-Famous Suicide Race.

If theater is your love, the Omak Performing Arts Center provides a 560-seat venue for performing artists and musicians. Professional performers present folk concerts, ballet, cowboy poetry, Broadway musicals, and more. The Merc Playhouse and the Methow Valley Community Theater host musicals, dramas, comedies, and more!

The Merc Playhouse
Twisp | 101 S Glover St | 509 997-7529 | 1-877-996-9283 (tickets)

Omak Performing Arts Center | 509 826-1880

Methow Arts Alliance l 997-4004 l website

Methow Valley Community Theater | 509 997-02926

Okanogan Valley Orchestra & Chorus
Omak | 509-826-7107 | 509-322-1353

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